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J M. Fields is a financial professional who is the founder of the company


He is dedicated to educating and helping people to change their personal financial circumstances for the better. The Financial Promise’s mission is to be dedicated in working with communities to increase personal financial and business literacy so that they can invest in themselves to build financial stability, develop their careers and to create their own businesses to help increase their personal wealth. The company vision is to be recognized as a trusted leader that helps community members improve their chances of success by making smarter financial decisions. It is a company that offers a lot to people from all walks of life including from minority backgrounds who have not had the opportunity tom seek personal advancement in the financial world.


The Financial promise’s Personal Finance and Business Literacy curriculum and presentations on offer are engaging and fun, yet they also meet core educational standards. The programming has been widely recognized for its ability to connect with students, managers, and CEO’s and it inspires all participants of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to take positive financial action.


Consumers must confront complicated financial decisions at a very young age in today’s demanding financial environment, and financial mistakes made early in life can be extremely costly. Therefore young people often find themselves carrying large amounts of student loans or credit card debt, and such early entanglements can hinder their ability to accumulate wealth. The financial promise helps young adults to make decisions that will limit any further financial mistakes in the future.


The company’s dynamic financial literacy curriculum for 9-12th graders in the US, features an engaging design, student-centered activities, research projects, discussion points, and tools and resources that are all-designed to engage students in learning the personal finance skills that they need to succeed in life after high school.